BCS Express
BCS Express was originally formed as "Cafe' Mars," to be the 'jazz' side project of Bull City Syndicate. 

Now BCS Express, the smaller sibling of Bull City Syndicate is its own force - focusing primarily on 'intelligent' pop, Top-40, rock, funk, and jazz-infected dance grooves.

BCS Express is the go-to band for corporate events and high-profile weddings that require a high-level of musicianship and versatility not usually found in the average dance-club act. Whether you require classical pieces, jazz cocktail sets, or a full-on dance party, each member of Cafe' Mars has the training and experience to meet your needs at the highest level possible.


Steve Baker - Trumpet/Vocals
Nicole Fuqua - Vocals
Randy Ines - Bass Guitar
Scott Harrell - Drums
Steven Coon - Guitar
Greg Hoover - Sax/Keyboards/Vocals